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RIVACASE 5560 signal violet/black 20L Laptop backpack 15.6″ / 12

64 DT

"15.6'' Laptop Backpack. Product Features: • 20L Ultralight Laptop Backpack 15.6"". • Multiuse backpacks for daily commute + suitable for gym and short trips. • The main vertical load compartment for your laptop has soft sides for a better hold. • The backpacks has spacious storage compartment for the sportswear and shoes for gym. • Dual zipper pulls for easy, quick access. • Front zipped pocket for smartphone, business cards, accessories. • A comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands will make you feel comfortable even during the longest journey. • The backpack has 2 side-pockets for bottles of water. SizeInt/SizeExt (mm): 275x400x35 / 300x450x180 Weight: 390 g. Material: Polyester. Color: black/pure red; signal violet/black; cobalt blue/black; aquamarine/cobalt blue."

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